Pre Requirements:

    • Valid EASA Part-FCL CPL or EASA Part-FCL PPL with Night Qualification
    • Valid Multi Engine Class Rating (SP-ME (land))
    • At least 50 hrs cross country as pilot in command
    • EASA Medical Certificate

Distance Learning Duration: 3 months (according to EASA the minimum distance learning duration is 3 months)

Flight Training Duration: 2 weeks

Theoretical Training:

The IR theoretical knowledge course comprises of 7 subjects

Advanced e-Learning system

Private sessions with our ground instructors


Flight Training for CPL holder:

10 Hours Single-engine

2 Hours multi-engine

32 Hours Simulator

 11,050 Including Distance Learning


Flight Training for CPL/ME holder with IR/SE rating:

6 hrs Ground school IR
3 hrs Simulator IR multi-engine
2 hrs multi-engine
Total Flight training cost : 1950 €

Theoretical Training Distance Learning :  2500 €

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