There are many good reasons to fly with OAA from Thessaloniki airport:

Safety :

Your safety is the main priority and it will not be compromised at Thessaloniki airport. Two long and wide runways (8,005 ft. and 7,907 ft.), ILS/CAT I,II, VOR/DME,NDB, radar vectoring, heavy commercial traffic, is providing a valuable experience from initial phase of training till the advanced VFR/IFR training.

Excellent weather :

The excellent weather conditions in Thessaloniki  enable uninterrupted training all year long, without wasting precious time and money.
In summer, high temperatures are usually between 27 and 33 degrees Celsius, although they sometimes climb higher.
In the fall and winter months, nights are significantly cooler, and normal daytime high temperatures are between 21 and 25 degrees Celsius.

Training efficiency :

Thessaloniki airport allows students to fly solo, as there are several training areas around the airport within the TMA (Terminal Monitoring Area) or close to it and many appropriate licensed airfields.

VFR map of Thessaloniki LGTS airport and OAA location:

OAA is located very close to Thessaloniki airport, just 2.5 km.


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