Olympus Aviation Academy is founded and operated by veteran air force and civil aviation Flight Instructors, following the highest of EUROPEAN CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY/EASA standards.

Olympus Aviation Academy provides professional pilot training, at all levels, from 0 to ATPL (Air Transport Pilot Licence).
The academy maintains a high degree of discipline, necessary for building a future aviators’ skills and character.

Pay as you Fly – No risk
While many advertise the “pay as you fly” idea, in Olympus Aviation Academy it’s absolutely true!

 High-Quality Training
All training flights are personally supervised by the Head of Training in order to ensure high-quality training.

On-line question bank for both residential and distance learning students. You may study from home, even before your arrival!

 International airport
You’re operating in Greece’s second largest airport, the International Airport of Thessaloniki.


As a student of Olympus Aviation Academy, you are trained in the second biggest airport of Greece (not in small or military airports, with many restrictions, which may result in delayed training).

 Become Professional Pilot in only 12 months
Your time is valuable, so don’t waste it in flight schools with slow training.

 International Hour Building
Advanced training student pilots and Hour Builders have the opportunity to visit and be trained in more than 50 airports and airfields around the Greek mainland and islands (eg. Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu,  Crete, Rhodes, Kos, Zakynthos(Zante), Skiathos, Mytilene and in many other European airports, either for VFR or IFR approaches.

 Experienced staff
You are taught by highly qualified tutors with many years of flight and training experience, (air force and airlines) to make your course enjoyable and rewarding.

In Olympus Aviation Academy we understand that pilot training is expensive. Hidden fees will result in a student out of his budget. We guarantee that there are no hidden fees.

 Certified Fleet

Cessna 172
Cessna 172 Diesel
Cessna 152 Long Range Tanks
Seneca III / PA-34
All airplanes are certified for IFR training and of course, the fleet is expanding, to meet the students’ needs.