Zero to ATPL Modular

Zero to ATPL Modular

Zero to ATPL Modular frozen

Modular Zero to ATPL frozen course is designed to train the student pilot from first start day up to the ATPL frozen in order to obtain PPL | CPL | IR | ME | PBN | AUPRT | MCC-APS with ATPL theory credit.
Modular training course is a course from zero hour experience through to obtaining a frozen EASA ATPL (fATPL) including AUPRT, PBN, English Language Proficiency (ICAO) and MCC  or MCC-APS certificate on F/S A320 (optionally).

Pre-Entry Requirements

  • Be at least 17 years old,
  • Fluent in English,
  • Holder of a valid EASA Medical Certificate class 1.

Course Duration

The minimum duration of the ATPL Modular course is 12 months and the maximum is 36 months. In Olympus Aviation the average time required to complete the ATPL course is 12 – 16 months, including Training and Exams.

Theoretical Training

ATPL Modular theoretical course comprises 13 subjects (VFR COM comes from PPL) and includes inter-active video training, presentations, progress tests and sample exams. The training Pilot has the choice to follow the Residential Course (R.C.) of 650 hrs full class or the e – Distance Learning. In the case of e-D.L. the student, just before the ATPL exams, may get 13 private (tuitions) sessions with the Ground Instructors of Olympus Aviation as advise training. The minimum duration of e-D.L. course is 3 months and can commence at any time during the year. In case of (R.C.) residential choice, the student can be join also to the course during the year (8 months rotation full class).

Flight Training (PPL | CPL | MEP | IR | PBN | AUPRT)

Flight Training course comprises of a total of 45 hrs PPL, 100 hrs Hour Building, 81 hrs CPL | ME | IR | PBN | AUPRT.
At the end of the flight training the student optionally may follow the MCC course of 20 hrs or 40 hrs F/S A320 MCC and APS.

Private Pilot Training (PPL)
The aim of the PPL course is to train pilots to the level of proficiency necessary to enable them to operate as private pilots in Command on Single Engine Piston airplanes under Visual Flight Rules (VFR). The PPL is a single course designed to train the students from zero up to the PPL. The PPL course is completed within 2,5 months.
The Flight Training course comprises of a total of 45 hrs. Of those 35 hrs are dual and 10 hrs as Pilot In Command (PIC).

Multi Engine Piston – Initial (MEP)

The MEP course comprises of 6 hrs of flight on Multi Engine Piston Airplanes (MEP) and its aim is to train the student to operate Multi Engine Airplanes according to visual flight Rules (VFR). The MEP course is completed in 3 days.

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

The CPL course comprises of a total of 25 hrs on single engine airplanes or combined SEP-MEP. The student that completes the CPL course, along with the MEP, IR|SE-ME and ATPL theory credit, can operate as co-pilot on Multi pilot, Multi Engine airplanes in Commercial Air Transportation. The CPL course is completed in 1 week. In case of combination CPL | ME lasts 2 weeks. After CPL course completion, AUPRT course is provided on SEP with 3 hrs duration.

Instrument Rating (IR | SE-ME)

The IR | SE and ME course's aim is to train the student to operate Single and Multi-Engine airplanes according to Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). The course comprises of a total of 60 hrs, including 3 hrs PBN.

Finally the qualified CPL|IR|ME licensed professional pilot with ATPL Theory and MCC course (optional course) valid, will be instructed by Airliner’s active pilots and attend seminars – sit on tests for “Olympus ATPL Career Program” while being supervised by Air Line Crew Flights Observer.

Course Cost

The policy of Olympus Aviation regarding Theoretical and Flight Training payments is based on a 24 Month timeline. The student is required to have a positive balance at all times during training.

Items included :

  • Theoretical Training 650 hrs and Progress Tests in case of Full class (R.C.)
  • 13 private (tuitions) sessions with the Ground Instructors of Olympus Aviation as advise training in case of e-D.L.
  •  39 Progress Tests and 13 Final Progress Tests in case of e-DL
  • Theoretical Training Material set of e-books
  • Flight Training 230 hrs {157 SE + 60 FNPT II + 13 ME}
  • CBTs/DVDs available in the classroom.
  • Transportation during Flight training
  • Instructor’s fees.
  • Airport landing fees and relevant taxes.
  • Guide Training Syllabus and Exercises
  • Pilot’s Supplies (Uniform, Operating hand book, Flight Training Manual, Flight Bag, Log Book, Knee Board, Flight Computer, Nav. Plotter, Charts – Maps, Check lists ).

Items not included :

  • MCC course 20 hrs or 40 hrs F/S A320 MCC and APS
  • HCAA flight examiner fees for skill test
  • HCAA exams fees
  • HCAA License issuance fees
  • Final examination (3hrs ME-1 hour PBN)
  • ICAO Language Proficiency Test (LPT)
  • AUPRT course on SEP 3 hrs
  • PBN course 3 hrs

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