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Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece and capital city of Central Macedonia, bearing all the structures that constitute a modern urban center. Additionally, its port being the second largest commercial port of Greece, and its location close to the Balkans, between the East and the West, are significant factors that contribute, both to its economic growth and its cosmopolitan characteristics.

It is known for its rich cultural and historic heritage as well as its lively lifestyle. The center of the city lies between a long and beautiful waterfront and the castles of the old town.

Thessaloniki is situated near many points of interest including the mythical Mount Olympus, the top touristic destinations of the Halkidiki peninsulas with Mount Athos and the remains of the Royal Palaces of the Macedonian Kings, famous for Alexander the Great. Thessaloniki is ringed by mountains with abundant wildlife. The area has pleasant Mediterranean climate and endless beaches.

There are plenty of good reasons as to why Thessaloniki is also considered students’ favorite city. Four State Universities and many significant Private Universities – Colleges, combined with the rich spiritual cultural and sports activity in the city, as well as the intense night life, are highly valued considerations for Thessaloniki’s popularity among Greek and foreign Students.

The quality of education, international recognition and collaboration with significant foreign Universities, the participation in European educational programs such as Erasmus, research projects etc. are factors that contribute to the acquirement of high standard’s scientific work.

With a strategic position in Greece and Europe, Thessaloniki is easily accessible by all means of transport. Features International Airport (Makedonia International Airport by IATA code SKG), Railway station, Harbor, Intercity Bus station and it is connected by road with the rest of Greece and abroad through national and international highways.

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The international Airport “Makedonia” (SKG Connects Thessaloniki with approximately 38 countries and more than 60 foreign cities with direct flights, as well as 35 cities and islands in Greece (direct flights and transit). The number of connections varies depending on the season. International Makedonia Airport handles around 6 million passengers annually.

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