I want to become an airline Pilot. What is the registration Process for International students ?

1. Complete and Sign the Application form found at :

2. Forward a copy of your passport along with completed and signed application to administrative assistant’s office at :

3. Contract Trainee Agreement will be sent by the Academy.

4. Acceptance- Invitation and Verification Letter will be forwarded by the Academy.

5. Payment of 1/3 of the total course cost prior to Visa issuance Process.

6. Forward bank remittance to the accounting department at:

7. Invoice issuance for the relative amount paid.

8. Submit Application form, Acceptance Letter, Verification Letter and Invoice at the Greek Embassy for Visa C Schengen issuance (90 days Ground School Training - exams) and Visa D issuance (National Aviation Study Visa Long Term). The initial application is valid for both types of visa.